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OR you can download the following forms and Fax them to us: TAR-2003: RESIDENTIAL LEASE  APPLICATIONTAR 2003-Lease Application.pdf must be completely filled out-VERY legibly & signed. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 
2) The application fee PER adult varies.  Application fees are not refundable. Also each tenant must sign an 
TAR-1929_-_Authorization_to_Obtain_Consumer_Report_-_12798 (1).pdf 
3) Time is of the essence… If you do not want to lose the property… deliver the application fees directly to your leasing agent.  If you want to be “locked in” for “first place”… (in case another applicant comes through before we have officially approved you)… submit the security deposit (and application fees) with TAR-2009a:AGREEMENT FOR APPLICATION DEPOSIT & HOLD 
TAR-2009_-_Agreement_for_Application_Deposit_Hold_on_Property_-_1112.pdf  and also you can look at a blank copy of the lease  
4) If there are any pets, please fill out a TAR-2004: PET AGREEMENT 
TAR-2004_-_Pet_Agreement_-_101403.pdf… we will fill out the rest of it at time of your acceptance.  Photos of the pets are required at the time the application is submitted  (can NOT be faxed). 
5) A photocopy of the drivers license or ID for all applicants 18 years and older must be submitted with the application.  
6) Applications, photocopies, photos,  etc: should be faxed to 512-338-6098 or emailed to .

​Download and Fill out the following and Fax to 512-338-6098 or emailed to

TAR-1929_-_Authorization_to_Obtain_Consumer_Report_-_12798 (1).pdf 

TAR 2003-Lease Application.pdf







Criteria for being approved for a Lease

These criteria are being provided in reference to the Property you are applying for.

Pursuant to Property Code Section 92.3515, these Tenant Selection Criteria are being provided to you.  The following
constitute grounds upon which Landlord will be basing the decision to lease the Property to you.  If your application is denied based upon information obtained from your credit report, you will be notified.

1. Criminal History:  Landlord will perform a criminal history check on you to verify the  information provided by you on the Lease Application.  Landlord’s decision to lease  the Property to you may be influenced by the information contained in the report.

2.  Previous Rental History:  Landlord will verify your previous rental history using the  information provided by you on the Lease Application.  Your failure to provide the  requested information, provision of inaccurate information, or information learned  upon contacting previous landlords may influence Landlord’s decision to lease the  Property to you.

3. Current Income:  Landlord may ask you to verify your income as stated on your Lease  Application.  Depending upon the rental amount being asked for the Property, the  sufficiency of your income along with the ability to verify the stated income, may  influence Landlord’s decision to lease the Property to you.

4. Credit History:  Landlord will obtain a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) report,  commonly referred to as a credit report, in order to verify your credit history. If you have had any Credit Issues in the past, disclose them and write a letter of Explanation
​regarding the issues for the landlords review. Landlord’s decision to lease the Property to you may be based upon information obtained from this report.  If your application is denied based upon information obtained from your credit report, you will be notified.

5. Failure to Provide Accurate Information in Application:  Your failure to provide  accurate information in your application or your provision of information that is  unverifiable will be considered by Landlord when making the decision to lease the  Property to you.

6. Other:  Factors owners also look at are the lease term length (minimum one year), the amount of expense needed to make the property acceptable to you and the amount of time property will remain vacant until you occupy. In addition, some owners do not allow pets or have restrictions.

Step 3 – Start your search
Search our website for ALL the available rentals in the Area on the MLS! After you have selected the homes your interested in we will set up appointments for showing. Or if you like we will visit by phone or meet for the first time, and  I'll start finding available houses on the market that are great for you. I'll research many of the houses and then we'll book appointments to tour the homes when it's most convenient for you.

​When we tour houses, I'll show you the positive features and negative ones. I'll also ask you to talk about things you like and don't like. Oftentimes, tenants update their must-have list as we view homes and some features become more necessary than others. If that happens, I'll look through the listings once again and trim it down to the house of your dreams.

Step 4 – We Know the market
Your agent's understanding of the home market is an imperative aspect in your home search. And I can assure you I'm acquainted with all the neighborhoods and schools, and I'll communicate what districts are "hot" and warrant prompt action and some that are "cold" and allow for more analysis. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. My market knowledge will keep you a step ahead through the entire deal.

Step 5 – Find the house you've been looking for
Search our website for ALL the available rentals in the Area on the MLS! I know we'll find the house suitable for you, and when that happens, we will submit your application and necessary documents immediately so that we will have a good chance at being first in line.

Step 6 – Sign the Lease Once the property management company or landlord has approved you for the lease then I will coordinated a time for the signing of the lease and a move in date.

​Step 7 – Move in
You made it! It's time to move into your new home. Enjoy it. And if you need anything, be sure to call me at 512-338-6098 or send me an email to

Action Steps To Prepare for Leasing a Property
1) All applicants 18 and over (unless full-time students) must complete an application. You can APPLY BY DOWNLOADING the Fillable Application by Clicking:

Step 1 – Prepare for leasing a home


There are a lot of things you should consider before you search for a home. When you begin your search, you'll probably want to create an outline of features you need, get a plan of what school districts and neighborhoods you'd like to live in, and begin planning your budget.

​Step 2 – Give us a call at 512-338-6098 and let's Get Started
This is where I come in. We can visit by phone or  book a time to meet so we can talk about your real estate needs and get an idea of your plans for the future. We'll discuss any special needs you have such as pets, credit issues, handicap accessability, location, etc. We can also help you avoid Craigslist scams where someone poses as a landlord and takes you money and then later you find out that it was a scam and you lost thousands of dollars.

​In todays competitive leasing market, their are more people looking to rent than their are homes on the market available for lease. This means you have to move fast once you have found the home you want. Therefore, I'll help you start the application process  and guide you in the steps to get you ready to submit you information to the landlord or property management company the moment you decide which home you would like to lease.

How to APPLY

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For most people, leasing a home can be a stressful event. But with some planning ahead of time, it's not very difficult. So you'll know exactly what to expect, I like to furnish my buyers with an outline of the entire deal. These are my Seven Steps to Leasing a home.